Alternative Options to Limo Transportation for Wedding Bride Parties in Houston TX

Substitute for Wedding Limo Transportation in Houston TX

The common basis of choosing a wedding transportation is the location of your ceremony, reception and your budget. If the ceremony and location will be held in one place and the entire wedding guests will be staying there for the entire night, then the wedding transportation should not be worried.

Wedding transportationHowever, for most couples who want to travel in style on their wedding day, there are alternative options than the traditional limo transportation for wedding bride parties in Houston TX.

A practical, fund and eco-friendly option for brides and her bridal party is the use of bicycles. However, think of the theme of your wedding celebration. Bicycles may not be acceptable for formal wedding celebrations. At the same time, when the reception is quite close to the ceremony location, just rather walk.

Another practical, green and inexpensive alternative to limo ride for your bridal party is the use of pedicab. This is definitely not an option for weddings having a high-drama theme, but will work best for the rustic or unusual weddings. This is a unique and quirky way to arrive in your ceremony or reception venue in style.

For weddings by the lake, river or beach, you can search for canoes or sailboats. A leisurely boat ride to your ceremony or reception venue will be magical. But be cautious. You do not want your entire bridal party to get soaked in the water before the wedding starts.

When you are having a retro wedding theme, a limo might not fit your style. Instead, try for party buses or camper vans. The bride and her bridal party can be transported to the ceremony and venue in a camper van. A spacious limo service Houston TX will give everyone a good time to have a pre-wedding party just like riding in a limo.

Weddings in a budget or with informal themes can think of other options rather than spending your hard earned savings only for limo transportation for wedding bride parties in Houston TX. Be practical and have fun with other wedding transportation options.

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