Instructors to Help you with Surprising Wedding Groom Dance in Houston TX

Dance Instructors for Groom’s Wedding Dance

There is the traditional waltz or jazz dance that newlyweds dance together for their first dance. Somehow, things have changed and typically either the bride or the groom surprises their partner of an epic wedding dance. You may have probably seen a bride dancing to a medley of her favorite pop songs from Beyoncé, Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys.

Of course, the groom does not want to be left out so many grooms also plan to surprise their wife of an enthusiastic dance.

For those who are planning of a surprising wedding groom dance in Houston TX, you may need help from dance instructors especially when you are not really into dancing but want to surprise your wife.

The Dance Whisperer

Meet Rebecca Nestvold from the Dance Whisperer dancing studio. Being at ease and having a connection with her clients is of utmost important for her to ensure that they are willing to learn to dance, especially for their special day. Grooms can learn social ballroom dance like Lating, Swing and Country or Western. On the other hand, you can have a groom dance lesson that will be tailored according to your individual needs and personality. If you prefer an enthusiastic dance steps, you can surely opt for show-stopping choreography. You can practice and keep your surprise a secret from your partner, as they have a private dancing lessons Houston,

Wedding Dance Houston

You will meet not only one, not two but five wedding dance instructors from this studio. All may have won several ballroom dancing competitions but each has a specialty that will make you dance to your epic dance choreographs. You have the choice to have a natural or choreographed wedding groom dance in Houston TX. Surely, your bride to be will be surprised with what you will showcase on your special day.

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