Make the Wedding Guests Informed with These Invitation Card Tips

Wedding Invitation Card Tips

Nowadays, the internet has made it more convenient and easier for many couples to spread the news about their big day. Whether it is an extravagant wedding celebration or a simply and intimate one, every guest must receive an invitation card to keep them informed of who, when and where of the event.

wedding invitationWhile digital invitations are popular, there are still wedding couples who prefer a traditional approach in spreading the good news. Paper invitation cards have long been used in weddings. However, this could be a costly option because aside from the paper they will have to spend for the postage. For ten to 20 guests, it won’t seem too much. Yet if you will be sending invitation cards to 100 to 200 guests, then you should think of other options.

The cost of sending wedding invitation cards should not discourage you. To help you with this particular option, here are the tips you should consider.

The postal office has strict measurements when it comes to envelopes. There will be an additional postage charge for envelopes that aren’t within their specific size and shape parameters. If the envelope cannot run through their sorting machine, it will have to be sorted manually.

Envelopes have different sizes and weights. If the envelope you used weighs more than one ounce, it will cost you more. Even if it is a standard envelope when the invitation card is thick and with lots of components, it will really weigh more than an ounce. You should know first the final weight and size of the wedding invitation card you will send before purchasing postage stamps.

Invitation cards must be prepared and sent at least six to eight weeks in advance prior to the wedding. Through this, the guests are given the time to think, plan out their schedules and respond suitably. it pays to be equipped with the options you have in order to have a hassle free wedding planning.

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