How Much Time Does it Take in Cleaning A Wedding Dress in Atlanta GA

Number of Hours in Cleaning  A Wedding Dress in Atlanta GA

The answer to the question, “how much time does it take in cleaning a wedding dress in Atlanta GA” depends on the type of wedding dress the bride is going to have. The type of fabric, restoration needs, the length and weight are all contributing to the number of hours spent in cleaning a wedding dress.

The standard time of how much a cleaning of wedding dress in Atlanta GA range from a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 14 hours including restoration. For gown rentals and second hand gowns, the dry cleaning service offers restoration services for the gowns to look as good as new.

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A simple long wedding dress Atlanta with a one layer fabric would even take less than 2 hours of dry cleaning. However, involving the veil and if it is a long tail gown, it would take a little less than 3 hours to finish. For dry cleaning shops where they have a lot of free time and if your gown is their priority job, you can already have your gown delivered hours after you have had it dry cleaned.

For other long gowns with petticoats and long tails with several layers of fabric, it would take 8 hours or more. If your gown is a priority for the dry cleaning service, you could take your gown after a day or two. However, if you have delivered your gown in a peak season expect to have your gown delivered 3 to 5 days upon endorsement. It would cost more compared to the usual days of dry cleaning so make sure you have delivered your gown days before the special day.

For restoration purposes the bride would wait even more. She could avail her dress after a week of restoration depending on the degree of damage to be restored. Stains would take only about 3 days while torn pieces or broken buttons or straps would take longer. The restoration process is also very expensive yet it is cheaper compared to buying a brand new wedding dress or quinceanera dresses in Atlanta.

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