Shades of White: Wedding Dress Color Selection in Houston, Texas

Different Shades of White for a Wedding Dress

Your wedding is fast approaching and one thing that you need to decide on is the choice of your wedding gown. From the vast selection of wedding gowns, you also need to choose the best color that would make you look really fabulous on your wedding day.

wedding dressAlthough there are plenty of wedding dress color selection in Houston, Texas, many brides choose the traditional white bridal dresses Houston. But remember that there are also different shades of white. Although it’s the traditional color of the gown, choosing the wrong shade can clash with your skin tone.

Here are the most popular shades of white that you can choose from.

First is the pure white. The “whitest” among the white shades, it resembles the color of chalk. Gowns with pure white colors are perfect for brides who have dark skin tones for it can make paler brides look washed out and even paler.

Second is the diamond white. This type of “white” is actually the standard color for wedding dresses. When you’re looking at pictures or photographs of a bride wearing a diamond white, oftentimes, it’s hard to differentiate it from pure white.

Third, ivory white. This kind of “white” has a color like an elephant’s tusks. It has a slightly yellow undertone and creamy color. Ivory white suits best for Caucasian brides who are have a slightly pinkish skin color.

Fourth is champagne white. It has a soft pinkish hue that can be seen when light strikes on it. Champagne white is perfect for brides who have a slightly yellow skin tone or olive undertone, this dress can be found in bridal stores Houston TX.

After knowing the different wedding dress color selection in Houston, Texas, you can start looking for the best gown for your big day.

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