Trendy Desserts You Must Get with Your Breakfast Catering in Houston TX

Breakfast Catering Dessert Ideas You’ll Love


Who says that you cannot be a sweet tooth when you are eating breakfast meal? Finishing your food without any sweets is surely a blunt and boring meal. Since breakfast is the prelude to all the activities in the morning, it should be full of life and energy. Breakfast catering in Houston TX will not just give you a platter of sausage, bacon, French toast, pancakes and other breakfast meals. They are also responsible for your favourite desserts especially for wedding events.

Honest to goodness, everybody loves dessert. Even diabetic people should have desserts which contain less sugar. Dessert is the usual joy so starting the day with it is a perfect choice.

What are the desserts you can request with your catering providers? To answer your excitement, here are some of the best desserts served during breakfast catering:

One of the reasons why people wake up in the morning is they are excited to grab their favourite donuts. It comes in different colours and flavours so you must choose which one is great for your party. To avoid confusion, you can also choose for assorted donuts for dessert. They will surely add lots of flavours to your morning.

French toast [Tiramisu]
Whose morning is not complete without tasting a buttery flavour of a French bread? Relish the morning meal with Tiramisu French toast which is considered as one of the greatest recipes that will spice up your day. This is surely a sweet serving so prepare for your cavity.

Pancakes with a twist
Everyone loves pancake and it is very common. Make the taste buds of your guests jump by adding chocolate chips to your wedding pancake. This will surely be a hit which will make them crave for more.

Plain muffins might be a bit boring for dessert but there are so many exciting ingredients like Nutella that you could add. You can also get other flavours like Blueberry which is a hit now in the market.

Cinnamon rolls.
This all time favourite is delicious yet very healthy. Don’t you know that cinnamon flavour can make you slim? This type of dessert is for health conscious guests you have in your breakfast catering in Houston TX.

Don’t drool yet with dessert goodness since those are only a few of the desserts you can incorporate in your breakfast catering event. Make sure you have at least three of them to make your guests satisfied. You can visit Astral catering for more information about catering.

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