Tying the Knot at one the 3 Grand Wedding Ballrooms of New York City

Grand Wedding Ballrooms of New York City

If you are looking for the most expensive wedding venues in NYC, you are exactly talking about grand ballrooms. This type of venue is nothing short of ordinary because of its exceptional beauty which could be compared to what you have seen among different fairy tales. Savor the aesthetic beauty/view of chandeliers and work of art displayed in your reception area. You can never see anything like those classy and sophisticated displays in other types of receptions.

Here are the ballrooms that you should never miss on your wedding day:

Ballroom of Mandarin Oriental
You will never be disappointed of what you will see in this wedding reception. The ballroom is situated in the 36th floor of the hotel; it is accessorized with valuable pieces of chandeliers–its sparks will dazzle you away. The hotel will be providing you VIP pass in order to access special types of services only served for newlyweds; the service includes honeymoon.

wedding dressBallroom of the Pierre
This place is quite historical. They have served famous personalities and organization, from the Rolling Stones to royal visitors like Prince Phillip. The beauty of this place is exceptional as it is decorated with tromp l’oeil murals created a renowned artist named Edward Melcarth. Once you book them, you can taste the extravagance by having free access to Cotillion room and garden terrace.

Ballroom of Roosevelt Hotel
This intimate place is one of the most sought hotels in New York; the hotel has been in business since 1924 which made them a trusted luxury and extravagance provider. The terrace ballroom is designed with tiffany chandeliers and valuable crystals. You will also have the view of beautiful night sky because this ballroom is 45th floor above the ground. Enjoy this breathtaking reception area. You can also spend the night in your bridal suite with champagne and good music.

Make your memorable memories in those most expensive wedding venues in NYC come true now. Book ahead to ensure your date and schedule with the hotel. Wedding chapels in NY offers the best venue for your wedding day.

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